Our Woods

Designing hand-turned wood bowls from the heart of the Ozarks in the Southwest region of the Missouri plains.

All species of woods selected in the making process are individually chosen for both their long term sustainability, as well as rare natural figure and warm grain patterns. The dissected logs of the Ozark Mountain Highlands have been known to yield some of the most highly sought after material amongst the most discerning craftsman in North America for this reason.

Our bowls are not perfectly symmetrical - each bowl is unique in and of itself because they are made from "green wood." Most wood turners let their wood dry for 6 months to a year. My decision to craft in green wood allows me the freedom as an artist to let the wood have its own 'voice,' its own character which lends to the most original and individual design for each piece I create. 

Currently, I am turning woods in these varieties;

Maple, Ash, Cherry, Elm, Box Elder, Black Walnut, Oak, Osage Orange.

Of the 119 native species known to exist in Missouri. I've found that the beauty, fiber density, and finishing qualities of this general list of woods to be among the best material for my designs. - Matt Monaco, Artist, and Master Craftsman