Our Story

The Story of
Monaco Bowls

Our company is the creative expression of master craftsman Matt Monaco, who is on a short list of apprenticed professional makers in the field, and is a nationally known educator of turned objects who creates, and lives in the Ozark region of the Missouri Southwest plains.

As a gifted woodturner, Matt has dedicated his craft to producing the highest quality wood-turned products for collectors, the trades, and all people who value the functionality, warmth and timeless beauty of hand turned wooden decor in their daily lives.

Matt's connection to nature, plus 18 years of experience turning wood has allowed him the opportunity to explore the rigors of developing a skill that translates the splendor of trees in a way that offers his craftsmanship to collectors, select gallery buyers, and installations for interior designers.

Ultimately, sharing the timeless draw of classic form, fine detail, and the majestic beauty & character of fine woods is Matt's way of instilling the magic & warmth of the Earth in our homes, businesses and in others' lives.

Matt Monaco Master Woodturner

Natural Elegance in Form
Among the Trade

The focal point in the beauty and unique character derived from our timeless shapes represents a well studied contrast between the artist's understanding of how green wood expands and contracts, and combining traditional air drying methods in conjunction with a finishing process that allows the wood to move in a beautifully complimentary way with each form.

Each finished piece and the embodiment of this method acts as both a work of art as well as a functional utility item for use in home, office or restaurant setting.

All Monaco Bowls pieces are air dried and sanded to a fine surface that beautifully absorb our food safe blend of oil, and are then waxed and buffed to a soft sheen creating a matte finish.
(our wood oil is not exclusive – it originates from Bowlmakers Inc.)