Product Care Guidelines

Instructions for Caring for Your Original Monaco Bowl Designs

  • To preserve the beauty of our utilitarian range of wood products, it's best to periodically recondition the wood surfaces by hand with a commercially available food safe oil. First, wash by hand using mildsoap and water, and let air dry on a smooth surface or dish drying rack.
  • Liberally apply a food safe oil into your piece by hand using a soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel until desired number of coats, and uniform film is applied to surface.
  • If in regular use, one coat of oil should be sufficient until next time of usage. If items are to be displayed and exposed to large sums of indoor or outdoor ambient air flow, apply a final coat of commercially available food safe wax finish over the oil with a Scotch Brite Pad (or equivalent), followed by hand buffing with a lint free cloth to ensure grains of wood surfaces retain original feel and smoothness, and are brought back a durable, fresh and bright sheen.
  • Do Not use spray, or multi-purpose cleaners on the wood surfaces. These products often contain alcohol and other preservatives which will dry out, stain, and dull the surface of the wood quickly.
  • Do Not soak wood products in water, clean in a dishwasher, or cook with the wood product in a microwave.